New: Ignore rules in CoPilot Auto-Pri
ignore prompt
Fueled by strong customer demand, Partners can now ignore preset prompts for CoPilot Auto-Categorization. This makes it easier for Partners to auto-magically prioritize incoming threads without having to perfectly match Thread's standardized definitions.
[A pro tip: We recommend that Partners create a "catch-all" Custom Rule as a way to help avoid overly creative priority scores when an Impact-specific prompt is ignored]
Improved: Change Agreements, Flows with Agreements, and real-time updates
This update includes multiple "fast follow" updates to last week's Agreements release:
  1. Edit the Agreement in Inbox
    : Technicians can now view all agreements associated with a given thread and change it as needed. This comes off the heel of last week's update "read only" Agreements launch and unlocks full edit capabilities for a technician..
  2. Agreements in Flows
    : Admins can now build flows using Agreement or Contract as a field type. This makes it easy to design Channels and create custom logic based on the agreements associated with a thread.
  3. Real-time data
    : Agreements are now updated in real-time right in Inbox! This means you can stay on top of changes, track progress, and manage everything seamlessly without any delay.
Bug Fixes and Minor Updates
  • Improved CoPilot Auto-Categorization:
    CoPilot Auto-Categorization is now far less likely to 'hallucinate' and creatively describe nonexistent "sub-type" and "item" categories for a thread when values for those fields don't exist for a "Type." This makes CoPilot Auto-Categorization far more trustworthy to use, particularly when pressure-testing rules settings via the CoPilot emulator in Admin.
  • Enhanced CoPilot Auto-Prioritization:
    CoPilot Auto-Prioritization is now less likely to escalate issues around broken computers and related topics into a higher-priority P1 issue.
  • TimePad Magic🪄:
    Adding a touch of magic to your day, the TimePad card now expands and collapses with delightful transitions, contributing to Inbox feeling polished and responsive.
  • Improved Composer Action Buttons in Inbox:
    Inbox's Composer action buttons now collapse under a "More" button for users who shrink their browser or are using Inbox from a smaller screen. This improvement makes it easier to write messages from a larger host of devices.
  • Advanced Recognition for Ask CoPilot:
    Ask CoPilot now recognizes system messages, including those from vendors like Auvik, when analyzing a thread's chat history. This improvement makes CoPilot significantly more accurate at understanding conversation context, particularly for alert-style threads.
  • Reliable Execution of Flow Actions:
    Flow Actions now execute more reliably and with fewer "timeout" instances.
  • Expanded Understanding for CoPilot Auto-Prioritization:
    CoPilot Auto-Prioritization now understands branches and warehouses! CoPilot is now less likely to "escalate" threads as a company-wide issue when it relates to branches, warehouses, and other types of "sub-organization" entities.