Improvement: Contact search by email
Inbox users can now search for contacts directly from the Inbox > Contacts page by entering their email addresses in the search field. Given that email serves as a widely accepted identifier for individuals, the addition of "search by email" support lets techs locate contacts and complete their tasks faster and with fewer sub-tasks.
Bug fixes and minor improvements
  • PSA Actions Card Magic🪄
    : Adding a touch of magic to your day, the PSA Actions card now expands and collapses with delightful transitions, contributing to Inbox feeling polished and responsive.
  • Improved After Hours Banner in Messenger
    : The After Hours banner in Messenger no longer remains displayed for a contact who began viewing Messenger during an After Hours window but is now engaging during normal hours.
  • Link Tool Improvement
    : The Link tool within the composer no longer auto-populates
    in the field. This update reduces the number of times fast-moving techs send a broken link because the URL they pasted in already contained that info. Here at Thread, we frequently shared out the "broken" URL "https://https//" because of this old pattern! Problem, meet solution.
  • Faster
    : Inbox users searching for users via the Mention dropdown menu can now select a highlighted user by tapping the
    key. This is a subtle update that brings Thread closer to patterns used in collaboration tools like Slack and Teams.
  • Autotask Integration Terminology Update
    : Inbox is for Autotask Partners: Inbox users with an Autotask PSA integration now see the term "Queue" used instead of "Boards" and "Issue Type" followed by "Sub-Issue Type" instead of "Type" and "Sub-type." This update aligns Inbox with the terms Autotask Partners are accustomed to and helps Inbox feel even more firmly usable for Autotask PSA Partners.
  • Reliable Syncing of New Partners' Data
    : New Partners' company and contact data from the PSA are now reliably synced with Inbox during the onboarding process.
  • Greater
    support for Slack and Teams
    : Contacts who are mentioned by another member or contact in an existing thread can now reliably view those threads within Slack or Teams.